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Divine Baby Blessings for Mamas

"A mother can bring enlightenment to the baby she's carrying in her womb. She can make her child into a pure crystal divine soul. She can say prayers so the child's soul will come out very strong, with a lot of clarity. If all mothers would do that, then such highly powerful people would be born. They would be glorious, knowing the truth and reality, no more depression. Mothers can give that."  

Sri Sai Kaleshwar

Content permission from Divine Lineage

Divine Baby Blessing & Consciousness Practices

​​​​Divine Baby Blessing
The Divine Baby Blessing is a single energy transmission a mommy-to-be can receive for her baby’s soul while it is in her womb. The Divine Baby Blessing is given in one short energy transmission (shaktipat) during any stage of pregnancy by a Sai Shakti healer. This blessing empowers your Womb Chakra, awakening divine energy within you, and works through you to develop your baby’s soul.

After receiving the Divine Baby Blessing you do not need to use any of the other prayers or tools unless you want to. Any practices you do in addition to receiving this energy transmission will further empower and develop the brilliant light of your baby’s soul.

If you are expecting and would like to receive the Divine Baby Blessing please
contact usor see our Community Healers listing to speak with a Sai Shakti healer in your area.  Daddies-to-be and siblings are welcome to join this beautiful process to receive a special family blessing with you.  The ​mother is gifted with sacred objects from India.  

For those interested in deepening their knowledge consults are offered for Consciousness Pregnancy & Fertility Practices.  

Consults are offered in the privacy of your home or in a class setting at Prema Wellness.  You will learn simple yet very powerful techniques mothers' and partners' can use prior to conception or during pregnancy.  These practices compliment the Divine Baby Blessings.

In 2010 less than 300 people around the world were blessed and gifted to offer this beautiful gift to mamas.  It is with much delight that I have the honor to share this with mamas and families.

Many mamas have shared that they feel very peaceful and experience a profound connection with their babies.  This is an exclusive Sacred Blessing being offered in the privacy of your home or at Prema Wellness.  These services are offered around the world by special request. 

Love Note 

"Prem is a truly gifted and compassionate healer. She is an angel who is helping to bring divine babies to this world.  She is a highly competent guide for mothers in conscious pregnancy practices that will change the life of the mother and baby. These babies are not only blessed, they are a blessing to the world. Prem’s heart and exceptional skill in all areas of childbirth and healing, have been proven again and again. The Divine Mother's healing energy flows powerfully through her hands. Every mom and baby should receive that healing energy from her." Monika Taylor from Penukonda "

Seva Project

100% of the proceeds will go towards a yearly Special Seva Project.  Our 2016 Seva Project is dedicated to feeding the homeless in Boulder, Colorado.

​Other services offered:  Sai Shakti Healings, Conscious Pregnancy & Fertility Practices Consult.

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