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There are many ways in which you can help and support feeding those in need in Boulder.  Meals are prepared fresh every Thursday and are hand-delivered to those in need in the streets or homes of Boulder.

Monetary Donations:

Your donations will help serve a larger population and the purchase of organic ingredients, vegetables, fruits and other items needed.  Other items; utensils, paper napkins, organic spices, organic Kalona butter to make ghee, organic coconut and olive oils.  These items will be purchased when needed.

Garden Donations:

We would love to incorporate as much as possible organic items from our local gardens.  We ask that the gardens in which items are grown in be pesticide free and organic.  

Supply Donations

Items needed are biodegradable paper goods and silverware.  

Water + Mineral Water + Coconut Water 

We are in need of quality water, mineral water and coconut water to help hydrate those living on the streets and those in need.

Kitchen Items Needed:  

Two professional restaurant size stainless steel pots

Large (oversized) stainless steel mixing bowls

Large (oversized) glass mixing bowls

Large cutting boards 

Quality chef knives 


For sanitary reasons all kitchen items donated must be brand new we cannot accept any used items.

Cooking & Cleaning Support

If you would like to help prep food or provide cleaning support in the kitchen, we would love to have you!

All Donations

For all donations please select Seva on form and state the type of donation you would like to offer within the message.  

For sanitary reasons all items donated must be brand new.  We cannot accept any used, open or expired items.  

We thank you in advance for all your love and support.  

​May you receive infinite blessings.  

Prem Amrita​​​​​​


Maha Durga Seva | Giving Back

Maha Durga Seva

Seva - Selfless Service - Giving Back

The Art of Giving + Kindness
“Seva” is a Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service” or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment. In ancient India seva was believed to help one's spiritual growth and at the same time contribute to the improvement of a community. 

Seva is the art of giving with no expectations, where the act of kindness is a gift and blessing to everyone involved.  Seva is a selfless service performed with love, kindness and gratitude.  It is a service with deep compassion, respect and with no judgments for the ones being served.  It comes from a place of unconditional love and from your heart.  

​Maha Durga Sevais a very special Seva project where simple acts of kindness are shared within the community.  Once a week we celebrate a "Devotional Seva Day".  A day in which we honor the divine feminine in all her glorious forms.  It is a day in which blessings are shared to help lift and serve those around us; especially the homeless, children and women in need.  This project will bring awareness, unity and many inspirations into our community.  ​Nutritional and warm meals are cooked every Thursday and are hand-delivered to those in need in the streets and homes of Boulder, Colorado.  These meals are infused with love, intentions and mantras to bless all those who receive them.

This is not a service for the ego nor is it you, we or I doing anything.  This is simply a pure act of kindness and devotion in which we are giving from the heart and honoring the universal divine feminine in all her glorious forms. 

​“The bottom line is Anam Parabrahmam.  It means, the whole Brahma Consciousness is hidden in the food. Helping, plus all the giving nature is on one side, and feeding others is on the other side. It balances." Sri Kaleshwar"

"After you have enough things, then the remaining overflow of that wealth, try to spread it.  Give it. That blessing you are receiving protects you. It takes cares of you" Sri Kaleshwar"